Jesus and privilege

Born to poor parents, raised the little regarded region of Galilee under the cruel and oppressive regime of the Roman empire, exiled at a young age, Jesus knew the experience of being underprivileged.

Jesus was also born male in a heavily patriarchal Jewish nation…..and time; he was born into a people who regarded themselves religiously superior to other nations. So Jesus also had the experience of being privileged.

Yet Jesus did not allow himself victimised by his under-privilege status nor to be blinded by his privilege.

Jesus displayed the same regard and compassion towards the colonial and overbearing Romans, as he did to his fellow Jews. [Read More…]

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Jesus, Mam Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and the spirit of UBUNTU

Jesus had a rather hectic schedule for His time. We get a glimpse of this in the Gospel of Matthew when He receives the news of His cousin’s beheading (see Matthew 14:13-36).

As soon as He heard the news, He went off to be alone in the boat, grieving.
When He stepped back onto shore there were over 5 000 people waiting for Him. In the midst of His grief, He was filled with compassion; He set aside His own needs and healed them. [Read More…]

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The blindside of privilege

I have observed that privilege, in most instances, leads to cognitive blindness; a condition where you reject any worldview not aligned with yours or don’t appreciate what you haven’t personally experienced.

The top 5 most abused privileges are; gender, racial, religious, class and political. 

I’ve found that the exceptions are very rare; in my circle of colleagues and friends, I’m aware of less than a handful of individuals who are not blinded in any way by their privilege….and I’m not one of them.

In my opinion unchecked privilege is so perilous, it can cost you eternity.

The most influential man to have walked this earth, Jesus, was born to poor parents in an economically deprived region, under the oppression of the most brutal imperial regimes. 

He was forced into political exile at a young age.

He suffered rejection from his siblings. 

Some of his townfolk even taunted him as having been born out of wedlock. [Read More…]

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My daughter, colonialism and God

My teen daughter often gets really irritated when other people don’t act in a way that aligns to her worldview. She then feels compelled to tell them how messed up they are.

So I decided it was time we had a chat about this. 

I related to her the tragic consequences of a mentality just like hers, the colonialist mentality. 

The scramble for colonisation of Africa was underpinned by this mentality; the western nations, touting God on their side, justified their actions by arguing that they were bringing civilisation and progress; light into darkness to the primitive, backward and messed up Africans. This mentality became a formidable moral bedrock even for the most heinous acts of these nations.

So with such a moral justification, they not only colonised the land and resources, but also minds of Africans. [Read More…]

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“Sir, why does God not answer some prayers?”

A few weeks ago, as I was picking my kids at school, my son’s 9 year old friend greeted me  with this question; “Sir, why does God not answer some prayers?”.

His intense look on his face told me he wasn’t just quizzing; he was very serious. Instantly I knew my answer would define his perception of God.

So I asked him “Why are you friends with my son?”; Without hesitation he said, “It’s because we like each other and we get on well together”.

I further asked if their friendship had anything to do with what they can get from each other and he unhesitatingly and enthusiastically said “no”, while the expression on his face was saying “that would be the most ridiculous thing to do”. [Read More…]

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