Why Transforming Glory?

The world in the 21 st century has got a lot of people thinking transformation is a self-help process. Many of those that have gone down this self-help route often experience some gains in the short term, but the majority come out in frustration in the long term.  Some think everyone else is making it, so they fake it. A few seemingly transformed and successful ‘gurus’ mostly end up trapped in self-idolatry. The truth is that transformation is not a self-help project and never will. Anyone with some grasp of the true nature of humankind should understand this. Even a casual study of the history of humankind reveals the unfathomable depths of human brokenness.

The story of human brokenness began after God had granted humankind the responsibility of managing His creation that He had put on planet earth. The devil, likely envious of this generous grant to humankind, successfully usurped this authority from them. The consequence of this disobedience was a separation from God; even though we were never made to live apart from God, our sin of disobedience left God no option but to separate Himself from us. This separation in itself was actually an act of mercy, because if God had persisted with His presence in the midst of corrupted humankind, His nature of holiness would have utterly devoured us.

In fact we observe the disastrous effect of the holiness of God on corrupted humankind a number of times in the nation of Israel, with whom God had subsequently chosen to enter into a covenant, in order to initiate His plan of the redeeming humankind from the clutches of sin. Here is just a few of the many of these accounts; Aaron’s sons Abihu and Nadab were consumed by fire when they offered a strange fire to God (see Exodus 10:1-2); 3000 were killed by the tribe of Levi after they had worshipped the golden calf (see Exodus 26:26-28); 250 men were consumed by fire after they rebelled against Moses (see Numbers 16); many were beaten by poisonous snakes when they got impatient with God (see Numbers 21:4-9).

So a few generations after God separated humankind from Himself, humankind was utterly corrupt (see Genesis 6:5,12). All of God’s creation that should have been under the custody of humankind, was subjected to futility (Romans 8:20). So humankind in all their former glory, stood in need of a rescue plan.

Astonishingly, God put together an incredibly generous rescue package. He did not only rescue humankind from the utterly corrupt world’s system and restore us back into fellowship with Him, but also made us coheirs of all that is His, together with Christ. However this rescue plan came at a high cost; He would have to take form of humankind in the personhood of Jesus Christ. This was the only way to legitimately take back the authority that humankind had lost to the devil. Once Jesus had taken back this authority and cleared all that once separated humankind from fellowship with God, all that remains for us, is to believe in Him and to enjoy our fellowship with God through Him. However due to thousands upon thousands of corrupted generations, humankind needed more than just hearing about the good news of their freedom, they also needed to be transformed to experience the preciousness of what God had done for us.

Transforming Glory is about journeying out of the shackles of the brokenness and corruption of humanity into the glory of the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Transforming Glory presents to the reader 40 portraits of the transforming Glory of God in the person of Jesus Christ. In this way, the reader is guided in beholding the Glory of God that they may be transformed  into the likeness of Jesus Christ.