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About corruption

Corruption is by its very essence systemic. Once a seed of corruption buds, it becomes malignant and never benign. This has been the story our government in SA. Our government is corrupt to the core.

The power of systems is in their normalization of behaviour. What that means is that people that are subjected to systems might regard behaviour that is otherwise toxic and corrosive as completely normal. This is the same case with racism, patriarchy, and economic injustice.

And by the way, as I have said many times before, our government is to the people of SA as humankind is to nature; humankind is also corrupt to the core; and that includes you and me. We have normalized our conspicuous consumption behaviours that are otherwise toxic to our ecosystem.

So here is the thing; the neuroplasticity of our brains enables us to normalise behaviours that otherwise are detrimental to us. In essence we become like the systems we create.

This reality bids us to refuse to be defined by the systems we have created. We should refuse to be conformed into the identities these systems have imposed upon us, but rather be transformed by the truth that as humanity if we do not invest in our neighbour as much as we invest in ourselves, we are doomed. Nature will have every right to wipe us off the planet.

We all need to rise above our corruption or face a certain demise.


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