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I grew up in the backdrop of one of the most violent episodes in South Africa. Born into the Zulu tribe, which is often regarded by some as one of the most fearless and violent tribes in South Africa, my early cognitive formation pivoted around ‘subdue or be subdued’ value system. In contrast however, I was born into a rather placid Christian family. This tranquil family environment, however, had not prepared me for the rather harsh ‘subdue or be subdued’ value system of the school grounds or that of the cattle herders, where I would spend most of my time. Consequently, I often found myself on the ‘subdued’ end of the equation. This extremely dichotomous life created a brokenness that would take me a long time to understand. It was well into my professional life that I finally confronted my broken formation. During my coach training, I had access to a myriad of cutting-edge transformation tools and network of world class coaches. I believed I had all the armour to finally repair my broken cognitive world. However, notwithstanding significant repair work undertaken through coaching and counselling, it still seemed to me there were still many parts that remained in disrepair.

That’s when I turned to my Christian faith for answers; all night prayers, deliverance sessions, affirmations and prophetic declarations. These too created a measure of progress in the repair process, but still seemed to miss the increasingly elusive broken parts of his cognitive world.

It wasn’t until God miraculously opened my understanding, owing to my wife’s persistent prayers, that I started pursuing fellowship with God and it finally dawned on me that the transformation I had invested so much time seeking, could only be found in fellowship with God. I finally discovered that the kind of transformation I had been after was not a self-help project, but rather a piece that will always remain missing so long as the human being remains separated from God.

Consequently, my passion in life is to facilitate people’s capacity to fellowship with God. I believe fellowshipping with God is the strongest preposition for a successful, joyful and fulfilling life. I believe that becoming like Jesus Christ is not just a pipe dream.

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“What's past is prologue.”

- William Shakespeare, The Tempest

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