Saving Private Ryan

So, my kids find me watching the movie "Saving Private Ryan" recently. Instantly my son remarks, "I thought you said you hated war dad, so why are you watching a…

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A confession of doubt

We live in a world that is choking under greed, corruption, and selfishness. It is brimming with all forms of injustices. In my country South Africa for example, we have…

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Conservative or liberal?

My son asked me yesterday if I identity myself as conservative or liberal. I told him that was a ridiculous question. What is perhaps even more ridiculous is the fact…

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About corruption

Corruption is by its very essence systemic. Once a seed of corruption buds, it becomes malignant and never benign. This has been the story our government in SA. Our government…

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On racism

A colleague asked me recently if I thought she was racist or not. I told her that she was drawing me into an inconsequential conversation, and I was not going…

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Humankind and Heroism

We, humankind, are in love with heroism. That is why we love our superhero movies. Somehow, as the leading moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt argues persuasively, we are wired to seek…

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