2020 was seminal!

I learnt more about humanity in 2020 alone, than I had known hitherto. Here is just one of my learnings; the most powerful driver of behaviour are cognitive heuristics. Essentially…

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How Jesus Taught Us To Pray
Jesus Praying

How Jesus Taught Us To Pray

What if the most consequential leader in the history of humankind shared with you his recipe for success? Would you sit up and listen? This piece is precisely about that;…

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Jesus And Privilege
Blue And White Church Building

Jesus And Privilege

Born to poor parents, raised the little regarded region of Galilee under the cruel and oppressive regime of the Roman empire, exiled at a young age, Jesus knew the experience…

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The Blindside Of Privilege
Blind-folded African Woman

The Blindside Of Privilege

I have observed that privilege, in most instances, leads to cognitive blindness; a condition where you reject any worldview not aligned with yours or don’t appreciate what you haven’t personally…

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