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The Benevolent Dictator

Just do what he says, they say

Because he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants

So just comply…and do not ask too many questions

He will shower you with many gifts you will see

Is he a benevolent dictator then, I ask?

If I comply, I am okay, if I have queries, I’m doomed

Was it not him who declared if I follow him, I am no longer a servant but a friend?

Was it not him who inspired Apostle Paul to pen an unprecedented revelation that humankind could now be adopted as his family?

If I be a friend and not a slave

If I be a son not a subject

How can it be too much to enquire about every detail of his ways?

That I may seek more than compliance, but rather living out his ways as if my own

My heart and mind as his heart and mind

But never forget you are a mere human, they say

His ways are not our ways

His mind is way beyond our grasp

His ways are unfathomable

Your life’s demise is just a breath away

If he be a benevolent dictator, so be it

Your life is in his hands, so show up with some humility, lest you invoke his wrath

Was it not he who vindicated Job when his friends told him he can’t be queried?

Was it not he who created us after his own image?

Is it not he who desires us to be like him?

If am to be like him and he does whatever he wants, in what way do I get to be like that?

How can be like what I cannot query or understand?

I have come to this crossroad

Either I let go of this benevolent-dictator image of God

Or grow into a religious zombie if not the very image of the narcissistic benevolent dictator I am told to worship!

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