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The painful truth about humanity

We are brainwashed! All of us. If you think you are not, the implication is dire; you are so brainwashed you are even blinded to the possibility.

We are all socialised into systems that have been shaped to serve those who have the power to shape them. These systems give us identity, class, religion, race, gender roles, career etc.

In this regard, our responses to life’s challenges are contoured along how these systems have shaped us. This is why we often reject with contempt anything that’s not in line with our worldview. 

Here is the thing… our first step to freedom is this simple acknowledgement: we’ve been shaped by systems we’ve little influence over. 

The beautiful thing about this place is the recognition that the sum of who you are right now and what you know right now has to be continuously subjected to critical scrutiny. This is the only path to true freedom.

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